Fertility and Women's Health Master Class

Intensive Webinar

Lecturer: Kirsten Karchmer

Webinar Contents

What are included in this 2 day (12 hours) pre-recorded workshop:

  1. Introduction to the overall system and philosophy behind our novel approach.
  2. What is Quantified Constitutional Diagnosing? Why should you use it in your practice? What are the key components? How do we measure success? How do we use it to infuse precision to both our diagnoses and treatment plan aka, stop guessing. 🙂 How do we use QCD to drive the modifications of our treatment plans as our patients progress?
  3. The Conceivable Cycle. Learn the optimal menstrual cycle and BBT’s for optimal health. In internal studies, the Conceivable cycle was a very accurate predictor of natural pregnancy, so it is the barometer Kirsten uses for patient progress.
  4. A new look at Basal Body Temperature charting. Kirsten has pioneered and patented an improved approach to BBT that allows you to not only improve your diagnosing skills but also use it as a feedback mechanism to measure your treatment outcome success.
  5. The consultation. Making an accurate and effective Constitutional diagnosis depends on the quality of data you collect and how you organize it from the start.. Learn how to modify your intake forms to streamline the process and focus on what matters and how to ask better questions that will drive better outcomes, and practice growth.
  6. Making the Quantified Constitutional Diagnosis. Bring all the pieces together from signs and symptoms, cycle parameters, lifestyle, and BBT to make the QCD.
  7. Herbal prescribing. After you have made the QCD, learn the system for applying it to the phases of the menstrual cycle and simplifying your herbal prescribing and management while significantly improving your patient outcomes.
  8. Lifestyle and diet prescribing. Now you can use the QCD to determine what lifestyle and dietary changes you want to recommend in a much more precise manner which reduces info overload to your patients and improves patient retention.
  9. Checking your work. How do you know if it is really working? And, by what percent? And, how do you know EXACTLY what worked and didn’t and what to do next? This is one of the most over looked step in clinical practices but can make the biggest in improving patient outcomes.
  10. Rinse, repeat. How you put this system to work in your practice in a way that it is extremely clinically effective and can be easily reproduced by associates.

Workshop Details

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Company:Phua Limited

Bank account: 03-1558-0435745-000

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Digital certificate

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12 months of replay

12 CPD approved by AcNZ,NZASA and AACMA


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