The Original Balance Method Acupuncture
Local Balance Webinar

Includes Five Free Bonuses!

Webinar Description

This is the foundational course for the original Balance Method Acupuncture. This online course is taught according to the same format as the in-person course previously taught by the late Master Richard Tan. The Local Balance content of the foundational course includes learning the six balance systems and using holographic theory to select a point. Bonus content includes three Global Balance patterns to treat internal diseases and to enable simultaneous care for pain conditions and internal diseases.

Workshop Details

AcNZ and NZASA approved 9 CPD.

Australia Acupuncturist: Applying 9 CPD in progress.

Other details:

  1. Digital certificate
  2. PDF material (available to download in heights platform)
  3. Lifetime replays
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

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Szenan Phua

Why Balance Method Acupuncture?

  1. Instant results
  2. Never insert the needle into the pain area
  3. Easy to learn
  4. Repeatable results

Why a Webinar?

  1. Saves you money in 2 ways:
    1. This Original Balance Method Acupuncture – Local Balance webinar contains 2 days of live workshop information.
    2. Keep seeing your patients daily and study webinars after work. Keep cash flowing into your pocket and upgrade your acupuncture skills at the same time. You don’t need to close your clinic and pay for flights and a hotel room… this is going to save you big money. Think about what could you do with the money you save, not to mention the time you could spend with your family instead of travelling.
  2. You have lifetime access to this webinar; you can watch it again and again without paying any more money.

Webinar contents

Here is what you are going to learn:

  1. Balance method acupuncture history
  2. Balance method acupuncture 123 concept
  3. How to use holographic theory to select a point, mirroring, and Imaging Formats.
  4. How hand, leg, trunk, and head balance each other.  
  5. Balance system: Introduce how Balance Method Acupuncture uses 6 balance systems to figure out the “treating meridian” or ” Balance meridian”. This is how you could treat local issues using distal points instead of using local points.
  6. Point out the most important thing you must remember for your practice and how to approach pain disorders when a patient walks into your clinic.
  7. Discuss how to find a point to the needle when there is “No Ashi Point”.
  8. How to use meridian diagnosis to treat unexplained pain disorders and learn the “Matrix Analysis Technique” to balance complications using a minimal number of meridians in your treatment.
  9. Dr. Tan’s Liver point and Dr. Tan’s GB point location and needling technique
  10. Case studies: Shoulder pain, back/spine treatments, Bells palsy, shingles, nerve pain, morning sickness, nausea, rib pain, knee pain, hip pain, ankle pain.
  11. Bonus: Magical 8 to treat respiratory and digestive diseases
  12. Bonus: How to use Global balance-TaiyinYangming pattern by selecting root point (Ben Xue) treatment for the digestive disorder and pain on St, Sp, Lu, Li meridian.
  13. Bonus: How to use Global balance-JueyinSHaoyang pattern by selecting root point (Ben Xue) treatment for stress, depression, and pain on Lv, GB, SJ, Pr meridian.
  14. Bonus: How to use Global balance-TaiyangShaoyin pattern by selecting root point (Ben Xue) treatment for urinary system disorder and pain on Kd, UB, SI, Ht meridian.
  15. Bonus: Magical 8 to treat respiratory and digestive diseases
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