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Based on 200+ Google reviews of Szenan Phua's lectures and Chinese Medicine Clinic

Kenny Chen

Szenan is very generous and very knowledgeable of TCM and always makes learning so much more fun.  Very grateful for the time you give us all so kind of you!!

Darwin H

I joined Szenan webinar one time, and I really enjoyed and his teaching was very applicable. I won’t miss his other webinar 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 keep the good work!!

Hank Lee

A few years ago, I met Mr. Pan at a Balance Method acupuncture workshop. Mr. Pan was very enthusiastic, often sharing his clinical experience to help the students, and very patiently guiding everyone, so that they could get more learning opportunities, professional knowledge and clinical evidence. He is an excellent physician, teacher and friend. This time, Dr. Pan’s introduction and easy to understand explanation of Dr. Tan’s Neck Five Points and Magical Twelve Balance allowed us to deepen our learning and understanding even further. I would like to express my sincere gratitude here!


Mr. Phua is outstanding. He often shares his clinical experience and patiently answers questions. He is an excellent doctor and teacher. Even though he is very busy, he still makes time to record his teachings, so that the younger generation can get more learning opportunities, professional knowledge and clinical evidence. I am very grateful to him for his diligence and hard work. (Translated by Tracy Phua)

James Wu

Dr. Pan, Thank you very much for sharing and teaching. I really learn a lot from your teaching. You are outstanding teacher. I followed your advise, and the result is amazing. Thank you very much, Dr. Pan’s teaching, I can see the results immediately in the clinic. Thank you! (Translated by Google)

Nick Lee

Thank you very much Dr. Pan for organizing this course with such care, and selfless teaching and sharing. It was of great benefit to your students. (Translated by Tracy Phua)

YongQiang Han

After watching Dr. Pan’s class, I felt like I benefited a lot. I hope that I will have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Pan in person in the future. Thanks again for sharing, Dr. Pan (Translated by Tracy Phua)

Cathy Hu

Dr. Pan’s online course is excellent👍 It provides us with a great learning opportunity! Thank you for your great love and professionalism, you are our role model! (Translated by Tracy Phua)

Zheng Wei

Dr. Pan shares his acupuncture knowledge and techniques earnestly and selflessly every time. Thank you Dr. Pan. (Translated by Tracy Phua)
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