Ally Dharamshi

我非常喜欢看潘世南的视频,非常实用,资讯丰富且易于运用在临床。我上几周内从他的网课学到很多东西,也能够在临床上使用他的技术,效果非常好。潘世南是一位极好的老师,他完美的掌握自己教的内容。他用简单易懂的话来讲课,让看他的视频的人都能懂也能利用他的技术,就算是第一次看。继续努力!感谢你,还感谢和你配合的人,和我们针灸师分享这么宝贵的知识。 (由Tracy Phua翻译)

Ally Dharamshi

I really love watching Szenan Phua’s video’s which are very informative, practical and easy to apply in practice. I’ve learned a lot from the webinars in the past few weeks and have managed to apply the techniques in my practice with very very good results.Szenan Phua is an excellent teacher and knows his subject matter …

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Darwin H

我上过一次世南的网课,觉得很好,他的教学很实用。我不会错过他的其他的网课 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 继续努力!! (由Tracy Phua翻译)

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